Nuages sur la ville


Jean-Paul (Jean-Pierre Lefebvre) is a public servant, tired of toiling at his soul-destroying job. As a writer, he feels out of touch with the times and longs for inspiration. Touching on the many themes of modern malaise, director Simon Galiero delivers a biting portrayal of media obsession in the 21st century. Starring three of Quebec’s most notable filmmakers, Galiero highlights through ironic parable the difficulties facing the contemporary artist: the precarious nature of social status, the lost direction of art, and the heavy heart of cynicism.
Original Languages: French
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 88 min.
Year: 2009


Jean Pierre Lefebvre (Jean Paul)
Robert Morin (Marcel)
Téo Spychalski (Jacek)
Simon Galiero


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Jean-Paul (Jean Pierre Lefebvre)
Jean-Paul (Jean Pierre Lefebvre)
Michel (Robert Morin)
Marcel (Marcel Couture) et Michel (Robert Morin)
Jean-Paul (Jean Pierre Lefebvre)
Jacek (Téo Spychalski), Janusz (Alexandre Bisping) et Jean-Paul (Jean Pierre Lefebvre)
Maurice (Marcel Sabourin)
Jean-Paul (Jean Pierre Lefebvre)
Jacek (Téo Spychalski)
Martin (Fréderic Coté)
Michel (Robert Morin)
Janusz (Alexandre Bisping)
Jean-Paul (Jean Pierre Lefebvre) et Julie (Julie Ménard)
Scène du film
Scène du film
Director Simon Galiero