Mia et le Migou


Mia is a young South American girl. Just after her tenth birthday she has a premonition and decides to leave her village to go look for her father. Her dad works at a giant construction site whose goal it turn a rain forest into a luxury resort. But that's a long way from Mia and the journey will be difficult. She must climb a tall mountain, surrounded by a mysterious forest filled with unknown creatures. At the heart of the forest, Mia discovers a very special tree with marvelous powers. An extraordinary adventure for all...
Original Languages: French
Genre: World Cinema
Running Time: 91 min.
Year: 2008


Dany Boon (Migou)
Miou-Miou (Juliette)
Pierre Richard (Pédro)
Yolande Moreau (Les tantines / La sorcière)
Jacques-Rémy Girerd


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