Mad Love


Laredo, August 22, 1496. A fleet sets sail for Flanders. Its mission, to carry Princess Joan to the Brussels court where she is to be wed to the monarch later to be known as Philip the Handsome. Sparks fly at their first meeting. One look is enough to create mutual attraction and uncontrollable desire. Joan and Philip forget their political obligations and abandon themselves to their emotions. However, destiny has other plans for them. The death of her elder brother, sister and mother, Isabella the Catholic, leave Princess Joan the Queen of Castile and heir to the crown of Aragon. Two battles ensue: the political one, between the Flemish and Castilian nobility, and the tumultuous one that Joan will wage in her marriage bed.
Original Languages: Spanish (Castilian)
Genre: Drama|World Cinema
Running Time: 117 min.
Year: 2002


Daniele Liotti ()
Pilar López de Ayala ()
Rosana Pastor ()
Vincente Aranda


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