India Reborn


MYTH AND MIGHT: An array of charismatic characters introduces you to the world’s newest superpower. Experience the rich tapestry of India’s ancient myths played out against the modern might of this sprawling, diverse democracy. INDIA ON THE MOVE: Capture the excitement of cities pulsating with new wealth from a surging economy. Experience the despair of a countryside rife with loss and longing. MANUFACTURING DREAMS: Through the prism of Bollywood, Manufacturing Dreams pulls back the curtain on the new India, revealing a cast of diverse characters caught in a world of bright spectacle… and stark divisions. MOTHER INDIA: Tradition and modernity collide and merge in a spicy and delicious episode about “the land of a thousand dishes” during a time of unparalleled change.
Original Languages: English
Running Time: Four one-hour episodes
Year: 2008




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A girl in Rajasthan
A farmer tending his field in Bihar
A farmer in Rajasthan
Train passengers commuting outide Mumbai
A young boy in the countryside near Patna, Bihar
A downtown Chennai, Tamil Nadu road scene
A girl in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, lighting Diwali lights
A ceremonial procession in Patna, Bihar, in which sacred water is carried from the Ganges river
The Golden Temple in Amritsar at night
A busy motorbike shop in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Fishing nets at sunset in Kochi, Kerela
The Infosys Campus in Bangalore, Karnataka
Windmills in southern Kerala
A view of Jodpur, Rajasthan
A view of the blue houses of Johdpur, Rajastan
Men on the Landless March to New Delhi
A dabbawallah setting out to work in Mumbai
Marine Drive in Mumbai at night
An item girl dancing on the set of a Bollywood film
The Garba Dance in Gujurat
Women and men on the Landless March to New Delhi
A new shopping mall in Mumbai
A Wagah Border Guard at the India-Pakistan border
Lunch Preparations at the Golden Temple in Amritsar
The Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, Rajastan
A woman and child in the Punjab sorting potatoes
Homeless families with the Umaid Bhawan Palace in the distance
Jars of pickled mangoes and peppers
A woman carrying water in a village
Protesters on the Landless March to New Delhi