"An inspiration."
Harold Pinter, Playwright
"Estela Bravos films are the work of an intelligent heart; moving, informative, challenging, all at once; a viewer feels trusted to be just as smart and compassionate - in as tough a way as she is."
Alice Walker, Author
"Deep down is her wonderfully internationalistic outlook which says that all of us, sooner or later, must start working closely together if we are going to build a good life for this planet."
Pete Seeger, Folk Singer
"I have no idea how she came to be a filmmaker, what inspired her to make those documentaries that cast so much light on some of the dark corners of our conscience. I do not know how she does it, but the truth is that those who face her camera and her microphone somehow find themselves disarmed. Estela invites them to speak about things as they are, or as they think they are."
Tomas Guttierrez Alea, Cuban Filmmaker ("Strawberry and Chocolate")


Fidel Castro is one of the most influential and controversial figures of our time. Rarely are Americans given a chance to see inside the world of this socialist leader. The new documentary film by Estela Bravo, FIDEL, offers a unique opportunity to view the man through exclusive interviews with Castro himself, historians, public figures and close friends, with footage from the Cuban State archives.
Original Languages: English
Genre: Documentary|World Cinema
Running Time: 91 min.
Year: 2001


Estela Bravo


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Fidel Castro (left) with members of the Buena Vista Social Club
Left to right: Nelson Mandela and filmmaker Estela Bravo with Fidel Castro
Left to right: Muhammad Ali embraces Fidel Castro
Left to right: Fidel Castro with Harry Belafonte
Left to right: Fidel Castro with Malcolm X
Left to right: Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez with Fidel Castro
Left to right: Fidel Castro and Che Guevara; New York Times photo