Family Law


Ariel Perelman is an attorney, just like his father... except very different. While his father earns a hefty wage representing a variety of colorful petty criminals, Ariel deals, literally, with ghosts. He works for the justice department representing clients in absentia. His life is manageable but rather grey, until he marries a beautiful woman he’d felt was outside his reach and then has a son of his own. But following an unexpected turn of events, Ariel is faced with some life-changing decisions that will force him to either remain in the shadow of his father or truly become his own person.
Original Languages: Spanish
Genre: Comedy|World Cinema
Running Time: 96 min.
Year: 2006


Arturo Goetz (Bernardo Perelman)
Daniel Hendler (Ariel Perelman)
Eloy Burman (Gastón Perelman)
Daniel Burman