Echoes of Home

"Sheer joy to watch Erika Stucky, Noldi Alder and Christian Zehnder annunciate, articulate and phrase noises and sounds and see them turn into mouth, face and body. And above all Switzerland hypnotizes with its beauty... This film should be longer!"
"...loving, unbridled homage."
Nathan Southern, ALL MOVIE GUIDE
"Music, Melodies and Sounds touch you so deeply, they make you cry... Highly recommended."
"So special, so different..."
Becky Tan, KINO


What does a baby's cry have in common with the echo of a mountain yodler, and what connects the head tone of a Tuvin nomad with the stage show of a vocal artist? The answer is: THE VOICE. Against a background of powerful alpine vistas and modern city landscapes, Echoes of Home enters the wondrous sonic world of three exceptional Swiss vocal artists. Their universe of sound extends far beyond what we would describe as singing. In their engagement with local and foreign traditions, the powerful mountain landscape becomes a stage as do the landscapes and sonic backdrops of modern life.
Original Languages: German, Russian
Genre: Documentary|World Cinema
Running Time: 82 min.
Year: 2007


Stefan Schwietert


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Yodler Christian Zehnder