Dark Blue World


Dark Blue World begins at the height of the Cold War in Communist-ruled Czechoslovakia with Franta Slama (Ondrej Vetchy) - a man in his early forties -confined to a labour camp as an "enemy of the people". The film then flashes back to March 1939, just before world peace is irredeemably shattered. After three months of training, Franta and Karel are among the scrambled pilots sent up to fight. In one particular mission Karel takes a direct hit and his plane crashes into a field. Unbeknown to Franta, Karel has bailed out and as night falls arrives at a remote cottage on the countryside where he is taken in and nursed by Susan (Tara Fitzgerald), a beautiful woman whose husband is missing in action. A story about love, comradeship and sacrifice, Dark Blue World is told with the nostalgic sentiment of classical Hollywood movies against the romantic and historical backdrop of World War II.
Original Languages: Czech, English
Genre: Drama|World Cinema
Running Time: 115 min.
Year: 2001


Krystof Hádek ()
Ondrej Vetchý ()
Jan Sverak


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