Boys Life 3

A FILM BY Jason Gould/Gregory Cooke/Lane Janger/Brad Rust Gray/Dave Fourier

"A collection of 5 short saucy, steamy and disarming films."


The third collection, following Boys Life 1 and 2, Boys Life 3 is strong and lively, these films chronicle the many particular experiences of being gay and different. Jason Gould's (son of Barbara Streisand and Elliot Gould) "Inside Out" is about a young man (played by himself) dealing with being a celebrity's son and gay. Lane Janger's "Just One Time", set in New York's City's East Village, is a smart gem of a film that focuses on Anthony's request for his girlfriend to participate in "a three way". "$30" is a sweet and endearing short directed by first time filmmaker, Gregory Cooke. "$30" is told through the eyes of 16-year-old who finds his virginity on trial when his father arranges a sexual liason with a prostitute. "hITCH" by Bradley Rust Gray is a documentary-styled road movie about a young gay man and a straight man. David Fourier's "Majorettes in Space" is a French film that connects gays, straights and the Pope in a novel way.
Original Languages: English & Various
Genre: Drama|GLBT
Running Time: 79 min.
Year: 2000


Elliott Gould (Aarons Father)
Jason Gould (Aaron in "Inside Out")
Jennifer Esposito (Michelle in "Just One Time")
Jason Gould/Gregory Cooke/Lane Janger/Brad Rust Gray/Dave Fourier


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