Tae-suk (JAE Hee) drifts around on his motorcycle looking for empty houses to stay in. Tae-suk lives in the empty house until the owners return, but never steals or ruins anything. He simply guards the houses for a few days, fixing broken items, and even does the owners' laundry. Before leaving, he puts everything back as it used be. One day, sneaking into a wealthy home, Tae-suk meets his destiny - a married woman named Sun-hwa (LEE Seung-yeon) who has been tormented by her abusive husband. That same night, Tae-suk wakes up suddenly to find Sun-hwa staring at him. He runs out, but the phone rings suddenly. It's Sun-hwa's husband. Tae-suk overhears their conversation and realizes that Sun-hwa has an unhappy marriage and life. Sun-hwa looks silently at him as if she is begging for him to save her.
Original Languages: Korean
Genre: Drama|World Cinema
Running Time: 90 min.
Year: 2003


Hyuk-ho Kwon ()
Hyun-kyoon Lee ()
Seung-yeon Lee ()
Kim Ki-Duk


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